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Reasons For Ending Daylight Saving Time


Daylight saving time is the act of extending one hour the standard time zone. This is done to those countries that are located away from the equator. States that are closer to the equator do not require this extension of the day because they have a consistent time for the day and night. These criteria for changing the clock were adopted during the world war to reduce the usage of artificial lighting. During those times the technology had not improved like today, so they had no option but to use natural light. Various claims were raised on the importance about daylight saving time. They claimed that accidents would reduce because people tend to cause accidents when it is dark.They also wanted the country to develop economically by running the country in 25 hours a day.


Various petitions have been raised to end the daylight saving time. These changing of time now and then has brought different health conditions that are related to sleep disorder. Insomnia has lead to heart disease and stroke. During the times when the clock is changed the prevalence of patients suffering from sleep-related conditions rise immensely. Employers are usually misused during this time because they work for more extended hours. DST has also affected the schedule for many people; children go to school when it is still dark. This exposes them to kidnappers and rapists. These DST does not save on fuel as anticipated this is because the morning is usually dark and people wake up and prepare to go to work at this time, thus still use energy that they would have been used in the evening. Daylight saving time has affected the economy since some businesses do not get a chance to retail. For example, recreational facilities like movies, swimming restaurants do not get clients because they are busy at work. Daylight saving has brought a lot of confusion in changing the wall. Some people will not understand changing the time. DST has caused accident increase because drivers are tired and sleepy as they are driving. For more insights regarding daylight savings at https://www.encyclopedia.com/science-and-technology/astronomy-and-space-exploration/astronomy-general/daylight-saving-time.


The primary goal of changing the time was to use natural light. Today the world has changed, there is an availability of good artificial light that is equivalent to natural light. So there is no need of replacing the time. Daylight saving time has also been proven not to be saving on energy. There is no need for straining without any gain. People should have the same time zone without the confusions of having times that are not the same as others. Be sure to click for more details!