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The Reasons for Petitions to End Daylight Saving Time


The main reason for the daylight saving time is for the reason of extending the summer months. This is because, in the daylight saving time, the clock is usually adjusted forwards for one hour when it is close to the spring and also one hour backwards when it is on the autumn season. The main reason for people to introduce daylight saving time was for the reason of energy conservation. However, from thus, various issues emerge; this has made most people write a petition on ending of the daylight saving time. Here are some of the reasons why most people have filed a petition to stop the daylight saving time.


As said, the primary purpose for starting the daylight saving time was for the reason of saving energy. In the evening times, there are usually the low demands for the illumination. There are more researches done which proposes that there are positive effects that result from the daylight saving time. Also, from other studies, they have shown that there is a reduction of the light demand. Also, there was the increase of the warmer hours of the day to the conditioning that enables to get rid of the gains which are from the minimised light. As a result, it has resulted in having substantial electricity bills that people pay  compared to what they were paying in the past. Also, the gains that were achieved on the evening were therefore compensated. Thus, it is one of the primary reasons why people are filing a petition for the end of the daylight saving time. Be sure to check it out!


The introduction of end of daylight savings time has resulted in various health issues. The leading causes of these illnesses could be the shifting of the clock on the hourly as it has become more harmful to people. In the introduction of the daylight saving time, a higher number of people suffered from various health issues such as heart attack. This period resulted in disturbance of sleep and also the biological rhythm disturbance which could have been caused by heart attack.


For one to recover from these conditions, it can take more days. There is an increase in the stress level from the daylight saving time. In addition, it is known for affecting the mood, sleep as well as the metabolism. Therefore, most people have preferred to end the daylight saving time. Visit this website at https://edition.cnn.com/2016/03/11/health/daylight-saving-time-health-effects/index.html for more info about daylight savings.